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Authorititarian Parenting

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Authorititarian Parenting

It has been seen everywhere. How many times has one been guilty of judging how the couple next to you at the park is parenting their child? Parenting has been categorized into three different styles. One is Authorititarian known as demanding but not responsive. Authoritative, the demanding and responsive parent. Lastly there is permissive which can be subcategorized into permissive-indulgent (responsive and not demanding) and permissive-neglectful (not responsive and not demanding). (Four Parenting)These original three styles were originated by Baumirnd in 1966. The Parental Authority Questionnaire was created to help give parents an idea of what kind of parent one is to their children. (Humboldt) Though it can be argued that all four parenting styles are successful, Authorititarian creates unhealthy and unstable human beings. This is because it prevents independency; it creates a lack of reality and one's life, and growing apart from many an effect well-known.

If a parent is constantly setting rules for their child and is then expected to never break them a child is taught discipline. However if they are never able to make a mistake and learn for themselves, how is it possible to become your own person? "Mistakes are a part of life, and teaching children to handle them in positive ways is part of parenting." this quote from a BYU study states that this is how parents should treat their children. Mistakes are a part of life and a big part of growing up.

Reality is far different from fantasy. In a perfect world everyone would go smoothly, there would be no troubles or disobeying of anything. That is what these parents are striving to teach but there is absolutely no reality about it. "We try to make their lives perfect. But if a child never experiences the pain of frustration, they won't ever develop psychological skills that are crucial for their future happiness."-Kindlon It is clear that parents only want what's best for their children, but in no way is that possible if they cannot face the truth. It has been shown that over indulgence hinders the building of strong character. (Help)



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