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My Parents - Essay

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I was raised in a home with both of my parents, for which I am very fortunate. This helped me to easily see the similarities and differences in my parent's personality traits, beliefs, and ways of decision making.

My mom is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. She is a people pleaser; my mother is the one at family functions always running around making sure everyone's drinks are filled and seeing if anyone needs anything. She does speak her opinion, but no matter what she thinks she finds the sweetest way to express it. Even when she is telling me what I can or cannot do or giving me advice I do not want, she says it in such a manner that I listen to her although I am extremely hard headed.

On the other hand, my father is the complete opposite. He has a good heart, but he does not care what anyone thinks or says about him. He isn't always correct, but it's not like it is going to keep him up at night. My dad has always spoken his mind. Unlike my mother, he doesn't sugar coat his opinions. Sometimes what he has to say doesn't make me very happy, but later on, after I have had time to think about what he had said, I know I needed to hear it.

When I was younger, I began to figure my parents out; depending on the question I know which parent to ask in order to get my way. If it has anything to do with boys or shopping, my mother is the one to ask. If I want to do something my mother might consider dangerous, which is most everything, I go to my father for an answer. My parents have always believed in making decisions together, but usually the one I sweet talk will help the other see "my side" of the situation.

Although my parents may be very different, like decision making, they have similar beliefs. Together they decided they wanted my brother and me to grow up with a religious background. We were never forced to go to church, but we both were awake and excited to go to every Sunday morning. They both, also, wanted to make sure that their children learned responsibilities, whether through school, sports, or having a job.

Meanwhile, they haven't always agreed upon everything, but they have found ways to realize the others' views. My parents grew up with different lifestyles. My mother had been more spoiled than my father, which had an impact on their beliefs. My mother had never been forced to have a job while in school, which, she felt, would take away time from our school work. My father grew up very differently; he managed to have a job, play sports, and be in the top twenty of his graduating class. Therefore, they agreed that we would have the choice of playing sports or getting a job. Discipline, was another situation, they could not agree upon. My father believed in spank, while my mother did not. She felt sitting us in time out had the same impact. They



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