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Aztec and Egypt

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Aztec and Egypt

Aztec and Egypt were very great and powerful civilization. In my essay it tells of many different and similarities. But they both had an very efficient lifestyle and they are still helping us today in everything we do. If there were probably no Aztec and Egypt civilization we would not be here today. I hope you think about some of the

Aztec and Egypt have many similarities. They were both advanced civilizations for their time and place. The civilizations both were large scale construction builders, both building pyramids (albeit of different types). They wrote in hieroglyphics which are.a writing system that uses symbols or pictures to denote objects, concepts, or sounds, originally and especially in the writing system. These countries were largely monarchies throughout the majority of their durations.

There are many differences between them. They existed at their peak at different times.

The Egyptians lasted much longer (over many millennia) than the Aztec Empire.They were based in different climates which led to different cultural habits (the Egyptians were into mummification, and flood control (with the Nile), while the Aztecs with their hilly region around their capital city had aqueducts).

Over all they had the same lifestyle and same household. But they had different environment and the climates.



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