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Ban of Sale and Consumption of Alcohol

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Essay Preview: Ban of Sale and Consumption of Alcohol

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Of late, all layers of society have voiced their concerns on the availability of alcohol to consumers. There have been reports that consumption of alcohol will have adverse effects to one's health and affect the people around him or her. Various measures have been taken to curb alcohol abuse and some have even mention of a total ban of sale and consumption of alcohol. In my opinion, there should not be a total ban of sale and consumption of alcohol because alcohol provides health benefits, contributes tax revenues and creates job opportunities and the banning would cause illegal production of alcohol.

Firstly, alcohol might be dangerous if it is taken excessively but it can also provide health benefits if taken in moderate doses. Moderate amounts of alcohol are able to raise level of good cholesterol (Moderate Drinking Journal cited in Google Answers n.d.). Besides, consuming alcohol before having a meal leads to improvement in digestion as well (Wong 2004). Moderate consumption of alcohol is also good for the heart and circulatory systems. It too can protect our body against Type 2 diabetes and gallstones. All in all, there are many health benefits from moderate consumption of alcohol.

Contribution of tax revenues is also another reason why there shouldn't be a total ban of sale and consumption of alcohol. The extra tax dollars from alcohol sales can be used for road repairs, hospital upgrades, park maintenance and public utility upkeep (Waterford Citizens Moving Forward cited in Google Answers n.d.). Moreover, sale of alcohol generates significant income for producers, manufacturers and those who operate licensed premises (Wong 2004). Many nations also profit from alcohol taxation, exports and tourism related to sale of alcohol. According to Reed (2006), beer sales pull in a whopping $30 billion in taxes. To sum it all up, total ban of sale and consumption of alcohol should not be allowed as alcohol contributes to tax revenues.

Next, alcohol is able to create job opportunities for society. The alcohol industry provides important employment and social opportunities for individuals (Wong 2004). According to recent statistics, the beer industry in the U.S. employs 1.78 million people and pays $54 billion in wages and benefits (Reed 2006). Furthermore, hundreds of bars and nightclubs survive on alcohol sales which provides thousands of local jobs in towns. Thus, job opportunities can be found if there is no total ban of sale and consumption of alcohol.

Finally, total ban of sale and consumption of alcohol would lead to illegal production of alcohol. It would increase illegal manufacture of alcohol like moonshine and smuggling of substances (Spunt cited in Google Answers n.d.). In addition to that, total ban only serve to make manufacture of illegal alcohol like moonshine to be more desirable (Wong 2004). The illegal manufacturing of alcohol is dangerous as it can cause blindness,



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