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Band Crime in the United States Relative to Denmark

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Essay Preview: Band Crime in the United States Relative to Denmark

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Band crime in the United States relative to Denmark:

The different between Denmark end America

Band crime is widespread in Denmark and America. If we go in and look at the difference, there is no doubt there are many more bands in America.

The bands are harder in the United States than they are in Denmark.

As of course, they also get much harder punishment in the United States than you get in Denmark when you commit gang crime. In Denmark, the punishment is a lifetime - which means 15 years in prison.

In the United States, one can be sentenced to 100 years in prison. There is a lot different from that in Denmark. One of the major reasons for this is also that many people in the US are always getting around with weapons. There are not many people in Denmark who travel with weapons.

In the United States, people buy guns to be at home so they can protect themselves. But one can say that if it ends in band crime, then a single family with a single gun cannot do quite a lot.

Most murders and crimes committed in the United States are banners around the United States. The most famous and dangerous bands are scattered throughout the United States with MS-13 as the most dangerous of them all.

The band is known for their motto kill, rape and control, their history and not least their violent actions, such as their bus massacre in 2004, where six MS-13 members attacked a bus the day before Christmas Eve in the city of Chamelecon.

Many cities are exposed to band crime, especially the old trading town of Detroit, Michigan. There are at least 2,500 confirmed band members

The city also has one of the largest crime rates, of 1,989 out of 100,000 inhabitants. Other cities that are also affected by gang crime are for example Atlanta,

An increase in violence and gangs in a state can affect the community of communities by motivating young people who have had difficulty in joining forces. The bands become like a family for young people, and sooner or later they feel that they have found a place they belong to or a haven where they can be safe from family problems or the challenges of life.

The feelings and attitudes of band members for them to react violently when other gangs play up, this often leads to conflict with rival gangs. This violence leads to injury and death not only by young members but also by civilians in society.

High gang activity also causes fears among residents in towns where this occurs and discourages business activities. Also the amount of more prisons also costs a lot to build and keep on track.

One can say that we are also a band crime, but it is not organized at all like in the United States. There are not many who are forced into crime, just as they do in the United States.

Band crime:

Hierarchy of caste system:

  • Different between America and Denmark
  • Band systems
  • How are the bands working
  • Jail time


  • When was the band crime?
  • How are they working
  • Band crime before and now


  • What happens with them?
  • How to avoid the Band crime
  • How to protect themselves

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