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The United States Wanted Stay out of the War

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Essay Preview: The United States Wanted Stay out of the War

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The United States wanted stay out of the war. The United States believed in isolation and wanted to stay neutral. Why they didn't want to go into war was because of the destruction of World War 1, but sadly the United States entered the war.

How the United States entered the war was Japan when they bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. In this attack a lot of soldiers lost their lives most of the naval fleet was damaged or destroyed. After the attack Franklin D. Roosevelt asked congress to declare war on Japan. Since Japan had allies which were Germany and Italy they too declared war on the United States.

Since the United States were going into war United States had to mobilize for war. On the home front industry are preparing for war. Factories started to build Planes weapons and a lot more. Woman and African American also played a part in the war they started working in factories.

Americans conserved, collected, and recycled materials such as bottle caps, rubber bands, and scrap metal. Americans on the home front reduced the use of aluminum foil, gasoline, meat, and also old tries. The government rationed Gasoline, coffee, sugar, tires they need coupons to purchase what they needed.

Americans grew victory gardens to make food. The Knitted socks and gloves for the soldiers. People also bought war bonds they displayed poster in windows to show support the troops in the war.

When Japan bombed Pearl Harbor the Americans got suspicious about the Japanese Americans so they put them in internment camps. In these camps they were forced to work. 100,000 Japanese Americans had to leave their homes and go to these camps and were forced to work. In 1988 the US issued formal apology for this action.

The war was a horrible time for many families. The war was also help to women and African Americans. Even though staying neutral didn't work they still got throw the big war



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