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Basics of Search Engine Optimization

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Essay Preview: Basics of Search Engine Optimization

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Class 01


MD. Omar Faruk Khan

Course instructor,

Practical SEO,

Bangladesh Institution of Technology and Management.


Helal Chowdhury

SEIP ID: 163424

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SEO is the abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization.

Simply , Search engine Optimization is the methods ,strategies , techniques to rank up an website in Search Engine Result Page, SERP, when searched on the search engine such as google, baidu, youtube, yahoo, bing etc.

 Its primary objective is to get traffic to the targeted websites without pay.

Types of SEO

Based on payments SEO can be described into two types. They are:

  1. Organic
  2. Paid.

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The result that google show on SERP when searched is unpaid and most relevance to the search keywords. It is sometimes called the natural result .it can easily differentiable on SERP. An image is given below to describe it better.

[pic 4]

It is an example of organic result of SEO. There are no ads on the google SERP.

Paid :

These are normally called advertisements. The websites owners have to pay search engine to show their site on top of the SERP when searched for some specific topics.

[pic 5]

The red box included sites are paid .There is no SEO techniques needed.

Types of SEO

Based on the practice SEO can be three types. They are :

[pic 6]

White Hat SEO:

This is the best method of SEO. It is one of the most popular way of practicing SEO. This SEO techniques are followed by every rules and regulations settled up[pic 7] by the particular search engine. When an website is followed by the white hat seo it gets slow but steady and stable growth.

Black Hat SEO:

This is another way of SEO. It is followed by the some drawbacks of search engine. Primary objective is to get high rank and traffic in a very short time. [pic 8]Though it might get some unusual traffic but in the long run it suffers. Because the search engine specially google does not allow this and when the site get got by google algorithm it starts loosing traffic and passes very hard time to rank .



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