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Searching for New Customers in Business

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Essay Preview: Searching for New Customers in Business

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1) If you assume you know what the customer wants, you could be wrong. When dealing with a client do not.

ANSWER: - There are numerous things that you would like to say and do but you need to remain calm and polite in order to deal with them effectively. I am sure that you have heard the saying that "the customer is always right". You will need to keep this in mind. Try asking what the customer wants in case to avoid any hassling. If you know that what they want to say or what they want let them express themselves appropriately first. However it is more important to tell them exactly what you can do for them.

2) Explain why it cost a lot more to look for new customers than to continue business with existing customers.

ANSWER:- Today, 70 percent of circulation promotion dollars are spent on finding new customers and only 30 percent on keeping current ones. "A tremendous amount of effort goes into establishing new relationships," you may increase your business expenses by spending on mailings or marketing outreach you do, sending notes, emails and phone calls and other methods for new customer generation.

3) Think of three products you have used. Explain why you use them. In your answer address the following: - quality, price, convenience, and the way you were treated.

ANSWER:- i) cycle :-

4) Identify and elaborate on the 5 of relationship that an organization can have with the clients.

5) What can you do to ensure customers remain customers?

Answer:- i) provide regular updates on changes. ii) focus on issues problems or concerns of customers. iii) develop regular catch up sessions iv) narrow down the best alternatives. v) take corrective actions for problems to make sure the problem does not occur again.

6) Define personal selling. Using a diagram to illustrate the personal selling process.

Personal selling is a two way communication between seller and buyer usually. Face to face, via internet or by phone. Agents are participants.

7) Selling is a complicated process. Identify the steps involved in the basic sales process?

Every sale involves a process of several steps. Skipping a step or going out of order will typically result in a lost sale. The process of getting a person to purchase your product or service starts with preparing yourself for selling, qualifying the prospect, showing or demonstrating your wares, negotiating the sale, and making your exchange.

There are five basic steps in making a sale:

* Prepare to sell

* Meet and qualify the prospect

* Demonstrate product or service

* Negotiate the conditions of the sale

* Make the exchange and deliver goods

8) Describe characteristics of a salesperson?

#1 - Result Focused

One of best things about being a salesperson is you has a tremendous amount of freedom and discretion in how you use your time. In return, you must be able to stay focused on the big picture and not let small problems or dramas distract you. If you sell for yourself and you are not focused on results, then you are not in business.

#2 - Courageous

We all experience fear at one time or another. Great salespeople are courageous in that they are able to act and move forward even in the presence of their own fears. Fear is the reaction we have when you know that you need to do something or that something is going to happen soon that you are not prepared for. This could be making cold calls or making a major decision that you believe to be right when you know that your management will not agree with you.

#3 -High Energy

Despite all the lame jokes about salespeople being out on the golf course all the time, top performers work their asses off. Being able to kick-back and work 30 hours a week while making quota may sound great. But the true top-performers got that way by working long and hard to beat out their competition while the other guys were boozing' it on the golf course. In short, you must be able to do "Whatever It Takes" to get to the top.

#4 - Knows People

Of all the characteristics that people attribute to salespeople, this is the one the one that people are most often talking about when they describe a "natural". The ability to establish rapport and maintain rapport is probably the single most powerful skill a salesperson can have. The most flexible people can adapt and establish rapport with others from a multitude of backgrounds and cultures. The longer you can maintain rapport with more people, the more chances you will have to ask questions, uncover opportunities, and present solutions that make sales. And as with everything else in sales, this skill can actually be learned.

#5 - Committed To Growth

Great salespeople got that way by always looking for a better way. They are always improving their approach, their techniques, and their attitude. There are many philosophies on what the *best* approach to sales is. Some work better than others depending on one's own personal style, the product you're selling, and the customers that you sell to. Great salespeople know that they must look for the best examples of excellence, and adopt the individual aspects



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