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Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

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Essay Preview: Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony

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          Beethoven’s fifth symphony was full of emotions and some of them were difficult to understand. The first feeling I had was when the symphony started to the sound that reminded me of a door knocking. That beginning means Victory in Morse code. Those notes were very strong and powerful notes that were conducted in a magnificent way, like giving some suspense. The use of the crescendo right after the beginning ends to catch the public attention.

         The Exposition in the second theme was more calm and melodic. It combines strings instrument in a soft and calm way. Suddenly the tempo changed and it goes faster and faster but in a happy and positive way. Triumph was the first think that came to my mind. Of course after triumph I thought in celebration because of the tone and rhythm of this, but something didn’t let me go to that place completely.

         The development, I could recognize a crescendo that made me increase my attention to the play because it was like going through a dark place and having the hope to see the light in the other side.

         I could distinguish the two parts and those calmed my feelings and emotions because it was soft and the rhythm was calm. The degradation gave me the sensation of doubt or wonder. Like if one part was asking to the other and they both answer each other. Before the thematic degradation finished, it goes stronger and with more intensity like if that part was confirming something.

          The Recapitulation first theme was very similar to the exposition but with the difference that it was lower and gloomy and for me it brought sadness and melancholia. The oboe cadenza highlights those emotions of bad news and misfortune. Then it started to increase the tempo and becomes very strong and violent again.

          Then, the Recapitulation second theme everything is calm and the soft melody begins. This doesn’t last too long because it changed and dramatically it goes faster again and brought in me some desperate emotions like if something was happening and I didn’t know what to do. Then it closed with Victory again.

          The coda is the theme that we have been listening throughout the whole symphony, but with a little variation. I felt like peace and happiness in this part but then the second recapitulation started and it was gloomy and violent and it seems to me that it was the very last part of the war. It’s like a little summary, a way to leave the whole idea in the mind of the listener.

          I really enjoyed listening again to the Fifth; I enjoyed reading of it first as well. I like the way that in general a symphony comes and goes from the motive. I actually found a really nice clip online to “see” how the symphony develops in time. (Here’s the link: http://www.wimp.com/appreciatesymphony/). It was really helpful to follow the music in time.



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