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Best Practices for Life Balance

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Essay Preview: Best Practices for Life Balance

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Best Practices for Life Balance.

In responding to the question of how a person like me can practice and maintain a proper life balance in one's daily life, the following items need to be both addressed and examined. I personally believe in this day and age that true balance is an illusion and can't be realistically achieved. With everything going on in my life now between my family life, school work, and other issues, it's next to impossible to achieve, at this current time, anything that even resembles some form of balance. However. I also believe that with the proper effort and motivations in place, some sort of balance can be achieved. For example, when I'm feeling overly anxious or stuck on a problem, I examine how I'm feeling at that current moment and try to alleviate any pressure or frustration I'm feeling by doing things such as walking away from my laptop for a while or surfing the Net. Listening to music is a new way for me to cope with such stresses and I've only recently begun to incorporate that into my daily routine. It helps, even for a little while. Because of the current stress levels that I'm under, I plan to incorporate more efficient time structuring in both my daily and weekly routines to compensate any anxiety or roadblocks that I might encounter along this journey that I'm currently undertaking. Right now the most obvious stumbling block I'm encountering is time. It works both with me and against me. I have a wife and kids and they do take up a lot of time during the day, which doesn't leave me much time to study, if any time at all. Because of this, my fear and uncertainty of not being able to understand my assignments or turn them in on time is reinforced. I'm still trying to sort out how to deal with this problem and in all honesty, could use some help with it. But with all problems that tend to creep up, weather expected or unexpected, there are solutions. For now, it will take some time to sort out which solutions will work best and which ones will not. The more I dwell on what both challenges and frustrates me, the more I tend to worry about it and that tends to throw me for a curve at times. Regardless though, I press on because it's all I can do to accomplish my main goal, that of course, is to complete all courses with passing grades and graduate. And afterwards, find a job in the said field that I've studied for, work hard, and get out of the situation that I currently am in.



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