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Big Boy Leaves Home

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Big Boy is a small black boy who is in trouble for doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Big Boy and his friends Lester, Buck and Bubo walk through the grass, joking with each other and sing songs. One song is a "yo mama", and they look for rhymes that will finish it. I believe Big Boy was guilty. He was guilty because he wanted to do is have fun when really he was supposed to been at school. He decided to skip school to take a swim in the white folk's hole. When the lady saw him and his friends, 3 of the boys were shot while trying to run away. The situation could have been handled a lot different. The young boys should have gone to school, instead of skipping to go for a swim. The white people could have handled the situation different as well. They could have let black boys and his friends go home with warning. Even though it was during racism they were force to kill them or either punishes them some way. In incident the little black boy longed for friendship. He didn't care of the skin color. He really didn't know what racism was about. The black boy was hungry for survival. He had killed a white man. He knew that the white people were gone come after him, so he decided to run and tell his parents. The momma called the father, the boy explains what had happen. His father told him he was gone send him away to keep them safe. He ended up staying in a hole without food or water. In the Incident he didn't fulfill his different hunger because the little white boy didn't want to be friends with the black eight year old. The white boy was raise to hate all black people. So when the black boy spoke the white boy called him a nigger. The little black boy didn't understand why he did or said that. Big Boy did fulfill his hunger. He was able to survive even though it was hard work, no friends, no family, not even any food. One life lesson I learned from both Incident and Big Boy is that even during racism you have to be strong and not let anything tear you down. If you doing something wrong or even if you wasn't, still be able to hold your own and not let anything or anybody break you. Another lesson was with the killing if he wouldn't have killed the snake he wouldn't have learned how to handle the mob. In the Incident if the little boy wouldn't have encountered the situation with the white boy he wouldn't have known how to handle it once he got older. Both of those stories teaches a life lesson in some kind of way.



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