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Essay on Home

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Home is the place where you feel most like yourself, where you feel inner piece, gratitude and calm. Home is not about just a place, it's about a certain state of mind, a certain felling that tells you that you are safe, you are surrounded and you are not alone. Being surrounded by people doesn't mean that you are not alone, being busy doesn't mean that you are not alone, being at work doesn't mean that you are not alone, being at home may not also necessarily mean that you are not alone.

This may sound contradicting but yes; it is in fact intended to be contradicting; that's what we do all the time; we contradict ourselves. We put ourselves in certain positions then start complaining; why did we put ourselves in those situations in the first place?! That's a good question to ask.

They say if you love someone start tolerating because we are all human and human are supposed to make mistakes; then everyone should start loving himself/ herself because you also are human and you also make mistakes. You re not supposed to run away; you are not supposed to complain or blame; you are supposed to learn from the experience and most importantly, learn to tolerate yourself.

When you tolerate someone it is mainly because you need his/her existence in your life; well, you need yourself too! You don't have to walk the walk to the end to discover that you are far away from the one person you knew the most: you!

You don't have to get yourself busy because you can't stand being with the one person you are supposed to be with all the time: you!

It doesn't have to be that hard; if you are not a sinner, if you are not a criminal, if you are not a nasty person then you should and you can find your way out to your inner piece, your inner calm; your inner home!

That's what home is about; a place where you're comfortable in; a place where you don't have to look pretty; a place that accepts you the way you are; for all those who still don't know where this place is; the answer is: yourself!



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