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Billy Sunday Is a Biography Book by Eline Cunneieham

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Essay Preview: Billy Sunday Is a Biography Book by Eline Cunneieham

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Ethan Hall

8th grade



        Billy Sunday is a biography book by Eline Cunneieham with 105 pages.

        One day Billy and his brother Ed saw their mom sitting on a wooden bunch in side their home. they said what is wrong mama. Mama replied I cant take care of you any more, science your father died we have been stugaling. The boys where upset bet they were ok. So they packed their bags and headed to the train station. There their mom wrote a note for the superintendent. She also walked up and got their tickets for the first train but the ticket person said the next train was not leaving till late that evening. They decided instead of sitting their there they went to a hotel to get lunch and stay out of the cold.  When the time came they got on the train. When they got to the orphanage they went up to the door and knocked  on the door. Finaly someone answered. It was a non polite tubby kid. They told him what was going on,so he went to get the superintendent he came down an said how can I help you. They handed him the note he said come in. he took them to the boy cabin. He said this  will be your room,,dinner starts at 6:00 p.m.  They went down to

Dinner and there they met a nice boy named Joey.  Joey told them about a boy named Butch that bullied him and the other kids. Billy decided then that he would fight Butch

That night. So late that night when everyone else was sleeping the boys climbed out window and went out into the woods into an open area. There all the boys made a

Circle around Billy and Butch and they started fighting. Billy was to fast for Butch and

Won the fight. The next morning at breakfast the superentendent saw Butches black eye

And ask what had happened to him. Butch told the superentendent what had happened, he was not happy and punished both of them by making them walk laps all day around the track.

A few days later there was a competition to see who was the fastest runner in the orphanage, Billy won all the races.

Billy became home sick and started missing dinner time at the orphanage, but his brother Ed volunteered to clean up in the kitchen and had keys to pantry and could get him food.

The superintendent got all the kids together and told them the orphanage had to close and they would be sent on a train to another orphanage. His brother Ed said lets just go stay with our mom, but Billy couldn’t because he wasn’t 14, but he didn’t care and went anyway. When they got home there mom was happy and said, praise the Lord. The boys  and their mom knew they all had to find jobs so they barrowed a hose from there grandpa



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