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Billy Sunday

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Book Report 12/9/2016  Title Billy Sunday book report By Lorenzo Palazzo 6 grade

        Billy Sunday:  Runner for the Lord is a biography by Elaine Cunningham the book has 106 pages

        This book is about Billy Sunday.  It begins with the mother preparing the boys to go to a orphanage in Glenwood, because the mother could not take care of them.  During the time in the orphanage’s there is a bully that is mean to other kids and he challenges him in a fight.  Butch gave up in the fighting because he couldn’t keep up with Billy’s punches and Billy won the fight.


        A year later he goes to the different orphanage in Davenport where he is declared the fastest runner.  When Billy is fourteen, he leaves the orphanage and gets a job at Nevada Hotel.  After several ordinary jobs, he is hired to be a white stockings baseball player.  One day he begins listening to sermons, and eventually he gets saved.  From that point on, the book tells of how he witnesses and whom he marries.

        This book sets many good examples.  It helped me by telling me many examples of people that God uses.  It has at least three easily spotted examples of that.  It also has examples of bravery.  A good examples are in this book.

        One of the major themes of this book is how God helps people.  A good example of this is how Mr. Sunday gets a job.  Mr. Sunday tells a person named Colonel Scott that he has been fired for arriving late by arriving 30 hour instead of 24 hours.

        “Good,” the colonel said.  “I’ve wanted you to be my stable boy and didn’t dare ask you because you worked here.”  He put his arm over Billy’s shoulder.  “I know you did your best here.  I need you to help move these horses to their new home.  Will you come?”

        The best thing about this book is that it tells about how God changes people.  At the beginning of the book, Billy stole and drank, but he changes.  Even after he is saved, he is easily tempted to stop working for Christ.  By the end of the book, however, he does not stop preaching for any amount of money.  After all of these changes, Mr. Sunday is still not perfect.



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