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Biot 3603 - Apocolyptic Language - Prophetic Books and Eschatology

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Essay Preview: Biot 3603 - Apocolyptic Language - Prophetic Books and Eschatology

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Apocalyptic Language

Amanda Christie

BIOT 3603-Prophetic Books and Eschatology

Artie Burnett


Many times we get caught up in the one predictive aspect of the apocalyptic literature, when actually there are at least two other more prevalent aspects to this literature: prosecution and persuasion. By taking a step back from the intricacies of apocalyptic we are better able to see the full picture of what is trying to be portrayed. Getting stuck in the specifics of each details blocks us from seeing the whole of the portrait.

Apocalyptic Interpretation

Interpreting the apocalyptic can be a daunting task of trying to determine the symbolic from the literal, or if there be any literal application at all. This means doing just the opposite of what most people do when studying the Bible and taking a step away from deciphering the specifics of individual words or even sentences to gaining a better understanding of the overall context and purpose of the entire apocalyptic message. Although many of the messages have some specifics that could possibly be taken as literal, when read in the entirety of the message it makes mores sense to see them as part of the overall symbolism of the apocalyptic literature. More than interpreting the possible outcomes of this literature we find better meaning when we endeavor to grasp the point of the visions/prophecies. Another thing to consider when interpreting apocalyptic literature is whether the original hearers would have been able to perceive or even guess at how the messages would be fulfilled. Mostly there was no way they could even imagine what the outcome could be, therefore it makes more sense for us to look for other meanings in what was being said than just the foretelling of events.

Fulfilled Prophecies

By looking at the prophecies that have been fulfilled thus far we can begin to see an erratic pattern of fulfillment of these prophecies. Some fulfilled immediately, some not until the future; some fulfilled accurately and some only similarly or only partially. The sixth chapter of our text points out that there is more to prophesy they prediction. When trying to sort out the details of the predictive nature of prophecy, readers began to see more pronounced purposes for apocalyptic prophecies. They are meant, in the overall scheme, to be more prosecutionary and persuasive than predictive. I would say on closer review, but actually it is by taking in a broader view of what the prophets were saying that



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