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Bird Nest

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I am staring at the clock. Why doesn't the minute hand move more quickly? I am listening to the squeak of cicadas as if they were calling me outside. Finally, my mother opens the door and goes to work. I am throwing my homework on the floor as if it were trash and rushing toward the door. We meet at the shore near my house. Vicky, Cindy and Lucy are singing and dancing like children in kindergarden. We throw tiny stones into the lake. The little fish under the water are fleeing. The waves are beautiful. We lie on the grassland. We admire the sky. We know that our wonderful summer holiday has begun.

I enjoy my daydream and catch sight of a bird's nest on the tree next to us. I am surprised to find it. I climb up the tree and pick up the nest. It is so cute. There are three bird's eggs in it. This is my first time to see real bird's eggs. I am lifting the nest and shouting to my friends"look! I got it!" Suddenly, the nest falls from my hand. A bicycle passing by crushes the nest. I scream as I watch the unformed birds destroyed. Maybe they would have been born tomorrow. My feet slip. I fall from the tree. My leg is in pain, I cannot stand up. My mother is called. She takes me to the hosptial. My right foot is fractured. My summer holiday is over. I spend my whole holiday lying in bed.



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