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Bird Hazard Control

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Bird Hazard Control

A number of Aviation Accidents around the world have been largely caused by Bird Strikes,

It is a hazard that has kept so many researches all around the world busy as they try as much as possible to look for a possible solution to this seeming simple but greatly deadly obstacle to aviation safety.

So many measures have been tried out and as a permanent solution stilll remains a dream to many prayers and sleepless nights currentlly seem to give us the only hope as per now.

So much to be done still remains However , so far some methods currently being used have kept the above tear in the eye.

Among the methods is

:- The use of water canons before every flight to chase the birds away from the runway

:- The use of vehicles to chase birds off the Runway and Taxy ways before every flight

:-Mowing all the grass around the Aerodromes

:-Using of Flash lightsso much still remains to be done to come up with a final solution.

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Bird Hazard Control

The aerodrome will put together a Bird Control Management Plan (BCMP), to help cope with and reduce the frequency of bird related hazards. This is produced by the onsite bird control co-ordinator.

The BCMP will include a recording system, effective techniques in risk assessment, bird control, habitat management and safeguarding.

Bird attractions

Many species of bird require a high energy food, these foods are normally earth worms, slugs, spiders and insects. Some carnivorous birds feed on small mammals such as rodents. Litter bins could be a source of bird food

Birds that tend to stay in large flocks are attracted to open spaces because the unobstructed view provides security. Flat open terrain is a characteristic of an airfield that can not be avoided.

Landscaping Developments such as long grass, trees and water may become desirable to birds for a few reasons. Dense vegetation and trees have the potential to become roosts and nests, the trees could produce a food source during the autumn months and water attracts gulls.

Nests and Roosts Trees, bushes, dense vegetation and even some man made structures have the potential to become nest or roost areas

Open standing water attracts waterfowl which are normally large birds and fly in large flocks. They tend to be impossible to evict with a scaring device, and



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