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Black Plague

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It is February 3, 1351 and the Black Plague has spread so drastically. My parents were peasants and we lived on a great big manor. My parents were in charge of keeping the farmland together for the lord. When word had spread about the plague, no one wanted to go outside or travel anywhere in fear of it spreading to their families. Fleas carried the plague and moved from place to place on rats. People were saying the plague most likely came from Central Asia but quickly traveled to Europe, Asia and North Africa.

I felt bad for my parents having to work day and night on the farm. Rain or shine they were out there working. One day my father came in carrying my mother from the farm crying. My mother came in with chills all over her body and a very high fever. My dad said she was vomiting uncontrollable when they were out working on the farm. My father feared the worse. In the days to come, my mother started to develop dark spots on her skin. I knew right then my mother had been infected by the plague.

Unfortunately there was nothing we could do to save her. In a few days my mother had passed away to the horrible disease that had already killed 20 to 30 million people. We had to bury my mother and since the plague was so contagious no one came to her burial. We were soon told to leave by the lord as well because they thought we also may be carrying the plague.



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