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The Amazing Music of Rebecca Black

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Essay Preview: The Amazing Music of Rebecca Black

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The Amazing Music of Rebecca Black

Rebecca Black is a thirteen year old girl who literally became famous over night. Her hit song, "Friday", has gained her an insane amount of attention, but not exactly for the right reasons. All over the country, she has been crowned with the title of worst song ever written and her music video is made fun of on a daily basis. However, I see that it's quite obvious that she is a musical genius. Most people just have not taken the chance to look at the deeper meaning behind her complicated lyrics.

In the beginning of the song, Rebecca states that she must be fresh and needs to go downstairs. Immediately following, she lets us know that she has got to grab her bowl and pour herself some cereal. These opening lines represent the everyday nature of Rebecca's life and the pressures that are placed on her from various social institutions, which vary from her family to her school life. She also makes it clear that it is not her own interest to conform to these expectations. Soon after, Rebecca moves into the chorus line of the song. "It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody's looking forward to the weekend." She repeats this again to show her true passion for Friday, and she once again uses the words "got to" to express that she feels obliged to embrace this way of life. "Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today, it is Friday, Friday. We-we-we so excited." Her emphasis on the word "we" shows us as the audience that we actually are included in all of her experiences. Then she lists the structure of the days of the week to communicate to us the importance of each day of the week, and that they simply do not blend together in the way that society has described to us. In doing this, she has risen above the role of the average teen pop-star, and into a role that frees us from the shackles of a system that does not want us to know that it is Friday. She lets us know that there is always hope and you may always have a day as enjoyable as Friday. With this song, Rebecca looks into each and every one of us and tells us something about ourselves that we never even knew.

I feel that it is quite obvious that we need to embrace the music of Rebecca Black and make sure that she is included in collaborations with many of our other musical geniuses. Songs like "Friday" must be heard by every man, woman and child if any of us want a chance of understanding the true meanings of life. Hopefully we will have much more to come from Ms. Black, and I know that everybody else will be anticipating her next hit single just as much as I will.



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