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Bmw Singapore Pricing Strategy Case Study

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Essay Preview: Bmw Singapore Pricing Strategy Case Study

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Company established the Asian branch in 1985. The core concept of BMW is located in Singapore, which means driving pleasure and chic lifestyle, so BMW processing performance is our company's unique system. This is an advantage, but on the contrary, because the car system is too single, there is not much to choose from. In the early days, the company launched four series of cars in Asia only, BMW series 3, which is positioned in young, sports, most of which are medium and high-end small cars. The BMW Series 5 is positioned for business and sports. This series of cars has a powerful engine. In addition to the large size of the car, the car has similar handling performance as the three-series. The BMW Series 7 is positioned for luxury business. This car is comfortable in both appearance and size. BMW large car features include comfort and innovative design. BMW Series 8 This is a super-running series of luxury cars. It is a better car for higher-end consumers. It can also be said to be the most characteristic and comfortable car in the BMW series.The company's pricing strategy is a high-price policy for success. The reason is that the company believes that higher prices mean the high quality of BMW products, and also means BMW brand, status and prestige. The high price also indicates the BMW brand and the competitive brand. Compared with the speciality and uniqueness, and the high price also reflects the social achievements of the owner, the company will pursue high-priced sales methods.

For the company's sales control, we will adopt a variety of channels such as the ability to face uncertain target markets, communicate more product information to customers, strengthen the distance with customers, and establish long-term stable relationships with customers. Change the traditional sales and promotion methods from media communication to introduction between customers and customers.For this new car, we use nanotechnology. It can be said that the whole car is one. For example, we abandoned the traditional tire and tire display methods. We use nacho-collection technology to replace tires with small iron that can be automatically assembled and disassembled. As well as the auto-driving and automatic reversing function of the whole vehicle, our company has already built this test drive, and it has been officially introduced. Some customers will experience this car in the form of an appointment. This new car is BMW since the product car. The most unique series of models. Due to the complexity of technology and manual technology, the price of this car is also very high. For the launch of this car, due to the technical difficulty and knowledge, it is difficult for us to express directly to the customer as a seller. Therefore, for the sales of this series of cars, we will use the customer experience to sell, which is different from the past. Innovation, for the highly competitive brand sales, our BMW company has the advantage, we can directly let customers experience the comfort and control of the latest models, we will tell the customers through the transmission of news and media advertising.



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