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Boeing Management Planning

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Boeing is the largest aerospace producing company in the world. They employ over 170,000 people worldwide producing jetliners both commercial and military, rotorcraft, missiles, satellites, and weapons. They also offer customized services such as electronic and defense systems, information systems, communication systems, launching systems, and logistic training (Boeing Company). With a company this large, a management plan needs to be put into place in order for it to run smoothly and effectively. To ensure the management plan will be successful, one must also consider any internal and external factors. This may include any legal issues, ethical issues, and corporate responsibility.

Strategic Plan

A strategic plan begins with the company's mission and involves the entire company. This plan is done by the top-level managers and it consists of any future or long-term goals of the company. Strategic plans need to be in place because they provide the basic structure of the company so the lower-level managers have an outline to follow. The mission of Boeing is people working together as a global enterprise for aerospace leadership (Boeing Company). The strategic plan for Boeing is to a run a healthy core business and to open new frontiers by leveraging their strengths into new products and services.

Tactical Plan

A tactical plan is the breakdown of the strategic plan. The strategic plan of a company cannot be achieved on its own. Each department of Boeing has to work on its own specific part in order for the strategic plan to be made. Some of the main departments within Boeing are commercial airplanes, Defense, space and security, engineering, operations and technology, and shared services group. One example that will help Boeing reach their long term goal is by each one of these departments making sure they have detailed knowledge about their customers and respond to their needs as soon as possible.

Operational Plan

Operational plans are the plans that the lower-level managers construct. They mainly focus on the procedures and processes of the company. Operational plans are not just ongoing plans, but they can consist of single-use plans as well. A single-use plan would be activities are only used once a month. A monthly budget or quarterly advertising would be an example of a single-use operational plan. An ongoing plan is used several times. Rules, policies, and procedures are all ongoing plans. Although there are many different types of operational plans within the walls of Boeing, there is one type of plan that is crucial to the vision of the company. Each department manager has to make sure their department has enough materials to ensure the proper development of products in a timely manner. If materials are running low then the company has to spend extra money putting a rush on them, or worse yet, stop production. This may cost the company their success.

Contingency Plan

A contingency plan is basically a backup plan. No one can predict what will happen in the future. For this reason each manager, low-level, high-level, and presidents need to have contingency plans in place in case of an emergency. For example, the economic fall that has recently occurred has had a huge impact on the company's strategic plan. The number of aircraft being built decreased and a few aircraft orders were canceled by customers. When this happens, a contingency plan will have to be implemented in order to decrease the company's expenses. This will result in lay-offs and lack of raises for employees. Also, legal issues, ethics, and corporate responsibilities may set a contingency plan into motion.



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