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Book Review - "tangerine" Written by Edward Bloor

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Essay Preview: Book Review - "tangerine" Written by Edward Bloor

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This is me.TANGERINE

The title of my book is " Tangerine," written by Edward Bloor in the year 1997. Historical events during this period of time can be when Bill Clinton starts his second term as President of the United States on jan. 20th. A car crash in Paris, France claims the life of Diana, Princess of Wales on august 20th. Another event can be when Tiger Woods wins the Masters Golf Tournament and becomes the youngest winner in its history on April 13th.


This book sets place in a town called Tangerine in Florida, where he had recently just moved to. Paul, the main character in the book, who is presumed legally blind due to a solar eclipse he had stared at, as told by their parents that is, but that wasn't the case in the end. HINT HINT. He has a brother named Erik who is very arrogant, cruel, and bad habited all throughout the book. He has two friends named Tino and Arthur who have been there for Paul since the beginning of the new school for him. There was also Luis, who is Tino's older brother, who enters the book when they were playing soccer.

The turning point in the book would be when Paul remembers how he had gotten blinded. It wasn't staring at the Solar eclipse. HINT HINT. I don't want to say too much so I ruin the book for others so I won't reveal that information.

The Rising action in the movie would be when Paul gets transferred from Lakehead Middle, to Tangerine Middle school because of a sinkhole that had destroyed Lakehead Middle.

The Climax of the book would be when Paul discovers that he had been blinded by one of his close family members.

The Falling action would be when Luis was found dead after a fight that occurred with Erik, Pauls brother.

In the conclusion, the mysteries unravel. Arthur gets arrested for murder of Luis and Erik is charged for theft. Paul gets expelled from Tangerine Middle school because of him jumping on a teacher at school who was trying to break up the fight between Erik and Luis. He eventually ends up moving to a catholic school named St. Anthony.

Making Connections

Text to self: I chose this novel because my friend from another school recommended I read this book last year and it happened to be one of the books on the list when we first got the assignment. This book interested me by showing a type of situation a newcomer into a society can be like and it can be visualized very realistically in the world today. Things that I could relate to with this book are the sibling rivalry. My brother and I would always fight for the smallest things just for competition and eventually he would win just because he's bigger and in this book it is very similar to that situation. Paul would always be known as lower



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