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Branding Case - Philip and Peter

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Essay Preview: Branding Case - Philip and Peter

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Brand name is very important to for marketers as it will affect customer's purchase decision. Marketers know that without a brand, the products which they produced will not gain customers trust and it will be hard for the business to be survived for the long term (Lempert 2009). A brand can be refers to the symbols, name, logo, slogan and the design of a business (Bovee, Houston & Thill). According to Peter Robinson, everything they do is branded as they wanted to create a strong image of their brand to the customers. Therefore, they approached to CIP, which is an innovative promotion agency to design everything for their outlets and they wanted to create a strong brand of their business and build confidence to their customers.

Brand name

When Philip and Peter develop their own business which named Elg & Robinson, they created it differently from the traditional butchers' shop, as they not only sell meat but also sell poultry, wine, spices, fish and sea food. The product which they produce are different from the other supermarket, which remind customers about it even when they are closed. To identify Elg & Robinson business, it is more appropriate to use the term 'fresh prepared meat specialist' rather than the term 'butcher' or 'fresh food specialist', as Philip and Peter sell prepared meat on the premises with their own recipe.

Brand equity

Philip and Peter do create loyalty program to increase their brand equity. Customers can have credit 2% on the card as a discount, and the difference and advantage of the loyalty points from other shops, is it does not have any expired date for the customers to claim their discount, therefore, customers can save up the points and claim whenever they want. Besides, they do have specials week to sell certain products as customers could directly get their discount from purchasing it. The loyalty program also include in wine, as for the member who has the loyalty card and purchase the wine, they could get 40% on each bottle. The loyalty program has brought back many loyal customers to Elg& Robinson.


Philip and Peter are trying to make business which brings demand to the customers, and one of the factors that they need to consider is the pricing strategy. The price serves as visible expression of the product value which will be exchanged from the seller to the buyer and it must be agreeable and will bring satisfaction for both buyer and seller (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller). Elg & Robinson produced the meats which are in standard meat fare. Most of their customers are dual income families and busy people, therefore, most of the selection of meat are prepared on premises, and all the prices that they set are based on long-term prosperity, which means they set the standard price for the goods but



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