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Brave New World V. the Island

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Essay Preview: Brave New World V. the Island

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In the movie The Island the central government tries to control the people in many the same ways that the central government controls the society in the novel A Brave New World. Not only can the people not know about religion or God, they have no ability to feel pain or suffer. The people in these societies are conditioned to be think, feel, breathe, and act, the way the government wants them to.

First, in both the movie and the novel the central government controls the peoples every move. The government controls what the people are allowed to know and condition them to believe every word the central government tells them. In The Island the central government controls the stimulations of the body. They have special machines that monitor the way the people dream and monitor the health of the "person's" body. During the movie Lincoln 6 Echo has dreams of him dieing and of the "island". The controller questions him about it and tells him he to not think about it or worry about. This is also the first sign of conditioning. In A Brave New World the government takes the children and allows them only reach a certain point of intelligence. Also the government has machines that produce stimulations for the body.

Secondly, in both societies the government does not allow for the people to know what pain and suffering is. This keeps the happy and not wondering about what else there might be. The controllers in both societies known that what they are trying to accomplish with a "perfect" is not reality. In The Island the controller knows that if he allows suffering and pain the people will begin to question. If he keeps everyone happy no one will want to know about anything else because they are content with everything that is going on in their life.

Finally, in The Island the controllers monitor the relationships that go on within the people in the society. In relationships the only way you can grow and learn with a person is by getting close to them and asking questions; two things that are frowned upon in their society. In a relationship you have to take the good with the bad. One needs to laugh and cry in order to get to know a person on a deep level and this will lead to wondering about how much you could truly mean to some one.



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