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Essay Preview: Bridges

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♠♥♦ Convention Card ♠♥♦♣

Jui Wang - Peter Yeh

Updated 8/26/2015


We play a natural 2/1 system (modeled after BTU-BWS) with extensive use of transfers and takeout/optional doubles in competition.

We lead 0135 against suits, 014 against NT, and our carding is UDCA with s/p taking priority in a variety of situations.

Consistency is important; we concede minor theoretical advantages in favor of structural symmetry.

Table of Contents

Summary        page 1

Partnership Agreements        page 2

List of Conventions        page 2

List of Transfers        page 2

Noteworthy Exclusions        page 2


Minor Opening Structure        page 3

Major Opening Structure        page 6

NT Structure        page 8

Forcing Opening Structure        page 10

High-Level Opening Structure        page 10

Low-Level Competition        page 11

Doubles        page 11

Redoubles        page 12

High-Level Competition        page 12

Forcing Pass        page 12

Defense against NT        page 13

Defense against Strong Club        page 13

Defense against Artificial Interference        page 13


Defensive Carding        page 14

Partnership Agreements

  1. When a bidding misunderstanding arises at the table, Jui names a way to play and we play that way for the rest of the day.
  2. Low-level doubles are takeout-oriented unless specifically defined otherwise.
  3. The person with shortness in the opponents’ suit is more encouraged to take action.
  4. Undefined bids are discouraged, but can be bid assuming all risk and responsibility.
  5. Forcing bids can be passed, assuming all risk and responsibility.

List of Conventions

Inverted Minors / FSGF / Two-Way Checkback / Wolff / Blackout / Spiral

Forcing NT / Gazzilli / Bergen Raises / Splinter Raises / Kickback

Smolen / Four-Way Transfers / Puppet Stayman / Texas Transfers

Kokish Relay


Gambling 3NT

Good-Bad 2NT

Michaels / Unusual NT / Unusual over Unusual

DONT / Astro

List of Transfers

Four-Way / Texas / Rubensohl

Transfers after 1m-(Dbl) / 1M-(Dbl) / (1X)-1Y

Noteworthy Exclusions


Cuebid Doubles

Fit-Showing Jumps

Leaping Michaels

Exclusion Keycard Blackwood

Grand Slam Force

Minor Opening Structure

1C-        1D        Nat (could be 6-7 Bal)

        1M        Nat

        1NT        8-10 Bal

        2C        Inv+

        2D        preemptive

        2M        preemptive

        2NT        13-15 Bal, GF

        3C        preemptive

        3D        splinter

        3M        splinter

        3NT        16-17 Bal

Transfer Responses in Competition

1C-(Dbl)-        Rdbl        forcing to 2NT

1C-(1D)-        1D        

                1H        ♠

                1S        ♣, Constructive Raise

                1NT        7-10 Bal

                2NT        ♣, preemptive

                3C        Inv

1D-(Dbl)-        Rdbl        ♥

                1H        ♠

                1S        ♣

                1NT        7-10 Bal

2C        ♦, Constructive Raise

2NT        ♦, preemptive

                3D        Inv

We believe the advantage gained from placing the doubler on lead is well worth the artificiality introduced in using Transfer Responses.



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