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British Airways

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Essay Preview: British Airways

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There are so many different methods and schemes in order to keep staff motivated to perform well at work. Some are more successful and effective than others. There are many ways to motivate and encourage staff to perform at work including their working environment, working relationships, incentives and training.

British Airways are a company that run 24 hours 7 days a week as they are an airline. A way of them being able to motive staff is being flexible to staff with their working hours. Staff are able to choose their hours if possible. They also offer their staff the latest and most efficient equipment in which to work with which keeps them working well and happily. As all companies have, British Airways have health and safety regulations. It is essential that staff are educated and aware of these rules in order to feel safe in the workplace e.g. knowing the emergency regulations for a fire and where the emergency exits are. When a staff member feels safe and secure within their working environment it may improve performance. Structure and organisation within the company can also effect staffs mentality at work. Introducing and relating theorists to their positions may help.

British Airways as an airline involves staffs having to work as a team. It is important that teamwork is encouraged. In order to do this, they run social events and teamwork training exercises to create relationships within them, or just general friendliness between staff.

When a member of staff starts a position within the company, their job roles and responsibilities are laid out to them clearly so that they are informed of what is expected of them before they start.

With the airline industry being unreliable at this current moment in time, job security isn't great at British Airways with cuts happening regularly. Staff would feel a lot better about themselves if they felt secure in their position.

Another technique to motivate is to provide bonuses, performance-related pay, and promotion/opportunities. British Airways assess staff performance and take action accordingly if it is possible to. The possibility of any of these incentives can encourage staff and keep them striving forward towards a goal.

Training is provided for all airline staff before they are set to do their jobs. Efficient and informative training can improve confidence and experience with staff whether it be before they have started in their position or if its a training course to improve. Appraisal is one of the most important ways to motivate staff. When a good performance gets recognition from a fellow member of staff, it usually gives that person a feeling of achievement and makes them keep working as well as they were.



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