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Recommendations for British Airways

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Essay Preview: Recommendations for British Airways

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British Airways has undergone lots of change from the companies beginning to where it is today. BA as an organization has gone through the stages from the beginning in the entrepreneurial stage to the maturity where it is today. It is very good for an organization to reach this stage however it does not mean that BA is safe from going bankrupt or any other types of negative impacts of the economy. It is now important for BA to focus on the re-energizing parts of the organization life cycle. British Airways has realized the need for re-energizing due to the ever-changing world and especially how the airline industry has greatly changed over time.

Many organizations fail to recognize that they need to reevaluate some of their current ideas and principles in order to maintain their current success in the industry. The airline industry is one that continuously faces change due to new technology, customers needs, and other types of change. British airline needs to continue to revaluate their current strategy by looking at the re-energizing stages.

One of the first recommendations we would recommend is to continue with employee empowerment. It has been proven that by empowering employees of an organization, employees will feel committed to their organization. This in turn leads to employees working harder because they feel a sense of pride for their job. BA has noticed the importance of their employees in the past but seem to have put less emphasis on its importance. There are a number of ways BA can regain this important part of their organization. One way is by allowing the lower levels more say by having top-level managers listen and work with them. Often top-level managers are not fully aware of certain issues because they themselves do not experience a lot of the same issues as lower level employees. "Removing barriers between employees and managers builds openness and dialogue in ongoing management processes and begins to change the nature of the organization (Jick & Peiperl, 2011)." By having this openness the employees of the organization as a whole can better understand what is happening throughout the all levels and feel united from top down. British Airways employees began to lose their feeling of importance and by eliminating bureaucracy within the organization, BA can greatly improve.

Another problem with any organization is change. Cultural change is an important part of the re-energizing stage that BA should focus in as well. People often resent change and do not adapt well to it. Especially when a company like BA is in the mature stage, employees will become set in the old ways of an organization. It is important for BA to find ways in which they can help employees feel excited for change and new ways of making the organization even more successful. In order for this to be successful, top leaders must really believe in



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