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British, French, & Spanish Exploration

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Essay Preview: British, French, & Spanish Exploration

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The main reason to discover new land was to search for gold. Money was the first

priority in establishing these newly found lands. British, french &spanish wanted gold, jewels, rubies,

etc. Maybe, they also wanted to make money off these lands, for example plant wanted goods out in

the lands. These peoplewere quite fasinated by the lands that they found.

The Columbus' Voyage in 1492 convinced Spain into letting Christopher Columbus

sail out to the ocean blue. Christopher Columbus & Ferdinard Magellan were not the only ones that

were sent to discover land. Christopher Columbus explored San Salvador, Tenochititlan. Ferdinard

Magellan was sent on the Hispanola to search for land. He sailed to South America to stock up in

goods & sailed to the coastline.

The british were in search of gold. John Cabot, Lewis Sebastion & Sancio Explored

Grand Kahan & established Jamestown. They for all, wanted to find new land and gold. Mostly gold

was what they wanted. There general impressions of the newly discovered lands, handsome people,

goodly people & behaviors mannerly & civil as any Europe. The Indians had brought them anything

that they had. They would trade things that Indians had to the british & would hand them new stuff that

the british haven't seen.

One of French's explorer was Giovanni da Verazano, he was in search to the route to the Indies,

couldn't find it, so he returned back to France. France wanted a larger empire, spices & riches ,and to also

expand christianity. When a new world was discovered, the Indians would give them signs to come to them. The

people were black, not much diffrent Ethiopians, Not very strong in body, but acute in mind active & swift at foot,

pretyy much resemble people of the east!

When discovering the new lands. British, French & Spanish had the same income into making these



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