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Build a Bear

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Essay Preview: Build a Bear

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1. The types of needs that a Build-A - Bear customer demonstrates is that they want to have a bear thats personalized to satisfy their own personality. For example if someone's a sports fan, then they have a choice to dress their bear up with the sports apparel of their fancy. The wants that a customer demonstrates is to have a bear or stuffed animal that he or she wants in the quickest, simplest, as well as a fun way. The demand that a customer wants is to have a bear or stuffed animal that suits their fancy in and have a fun experience.

2. In a Build- A- Bear transaction the things that being exchanged is the experience, This would include the ability to customize and personalize each part of the product. It also includes being a part of the creative process and coming away with an item that is a piece of the customer.

2b The prices of build a bear are reasonable, the minimum price for a bear is around $10 and then the clothes are around the same range as well. Of course, some prices are higher but it's still in the same range. The way build a bear is promoted is by having it seem like the "nordstroms of bears." They make it seem like as if the best kinds of bears are sold there. Also, they promote by having bears depending on the type of holiday coming up as well and they have changed the stuffed animals to not only bears but many other kinds of stuffe animals such as a snowman, bunnies, cats, etc.

3. The best marketing concept is to have the ability to exceed human wants.

4. Maxine Clark has very clearly taken build a bear to high levels of financial success by knowing and understanding the needs and wants of the customers. The goals of the organization are dependent upon that. Clearly, the business strategy displayed by build a bear fits the marketing concept better than it does the production, product, or selling concepts.

5. Yes, build a bear is likely to be successful in customer relationship. This is because they had the qualities to fulfill the wants and needs and well as understand their customers and give them the best kind of help they deserve. Build a bear will succeed long term because the idea of having a teddy bear isn't going to go away.

6. Build a Bears target market are children. Many children consider their stuffed animals as their best friend an or companion. They sleep with it, play, some even take it to school or anywhere because they create a special bond with their toy ( stuffed animal).

7. BBW's competition are other stores that are similar to creating a new world for children, Disney is a prime example.



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