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How Ice Breakers and Team Building Activities Impact Team Performance

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Essay Preview: How Ice Breakers and Team Building Activities Impact Team Performance

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Group Dynamics Mr. Lowe

"How Ice Breakers and Team Building Activities Impact Team Performance"

When preparing to collaborate, the team must first develop a plan. Effective groups develop a plan to accomplish a goal. I have been with my group for the entire quarter and we are all well aquainted with one another. It makes it so much easier to focus at the task at hand when everyone knows each other for a while before actually collaborating and getting everything in order. Effective teams also gather all the information and data that they are going to use to answer questions on their related topics.

Ice breakers and team building activities impact team performance in many of ways. Each and every team member is critical to the teams performance, which is the ultimate key. Team building relies on clear roles and responsibilities for each member. Task roles help accomplish the goals of the teams. There also is at least one motivator/supporter on a team to help along with everyone and share their knowledge. Team building activities also give certain members the ability to rotate through their process roles to be able to do something different and multitask if they need to. There is an open and honest relationship between all of the members of our group because we have known each other for the quarter now.

Ice breakers are very important because they kind of ease the tension between both the sides. You need to establish the skills and confidence needed to make you an established presenter. You must know how to set up the environment and be able to use your materials effectively. Attitude cannot be learned but is an important role in an ice breaker. You must believe in yourself and the others in the group to each get their part done.



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