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Business Analysis Part 1

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Essay Preview: Business Analysis Part 1

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Business Analysis Part 1

Adesola Okoro

University of Phoenix


MGT. 521

Ralph Bates

June 21, 2012

Business Analysis Part 1

This study is based on previous studies on the current issue at hand which will discuss assuming the role of a mutual fund manager deciding whether to invest in a specific company. The write up would decide whether to invest in this company. It has been agreed to conduct a business analysis of the situation at the company in the succeeding weeks.

It might be interesting to find out what might be described as the role of the funding manager in a company such as Apple. So, we ask the question, who and what does the mutual fund manager do?

The mutual funds manager is the person responsible for implementing funds investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities ("Investopedia", 2012, p. 1). The person or persons are usually detailed to manage the funds on behalf of the company as they deem fit. They are usually paid a fee for their work on the mutual funds.

These person or person are responsible for directing funds management decisions and are paid for fee for their work. Investment management consists of meeting specified investment goals defined by investors through professional management of securities and assets. The fund manager can of course give advice on current investments like stock selection and financial statement analysis.

The volume of investment will depend on the company and can range anywhere from thousands of dollars and sometimes in millions of dollars. This size of these investments would normally depend on the size of the company. Investing or handling the investments of a large corporation such as Apple Inc., would usually involve huge sums of money placed under its care.

The customers of the fund manager is usually the board of directors and the executives. He must always consider all the stakeholders in the company he is managing. It is imperative that the funds manager ensures that the company portfolio does well enough for everyone to stay employed. It is the job of the funds manager to ensure the best interest to support analysis so that decisions are taken in the overall interest of the company.

The mutual funds manager must be a person with high level of educational and professional education and must have the right investment managerial experience for him to be qualified to occupy the position. It is said that investors would look for a mutuals funds manager whose tenure matches the performance time period. There is the need to leave the mutual funds investment in the hands of professionals.

In this study, we chose the company Apple Inc., because of the very interesting story about it and how the company has been able to survive all through the years. From when it started in the mid and into the late 1970s to the position it occupies today, in the market. Apple has had consistency in sales over the years and continue to develop new products that are well received by its customers.

Apple can improve by developing products for markets they currently lack in significant market share lowering prices providing customers with better ability to buy the products they manufacture. It is even been contemplated that Apple would do better if it goes into partnership with other computer manufacturers like International Business Machines and Hewlett Packard.




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