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Business Case

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My full name is Muzaffar Ismailov and i was born 16.04.1988. Nowadays, I am doing business course in the UK. I have been living in the UK about four years. So, i would like to talk about my interest that i like playing tennis, football, volleyball and doing karate. I chose doing business course. Because, i found it useful for my future business plan. First of all, i have to obtain modern knowledge about business and marketing. Basically, i would like to do my own business in Dubai in the future. Because, Dubai is these days, one the best developed country and the economy is really rich almost all over world. That's why, i chose Dubai. Actually, my father already set up his business in Dubai and he has huge company in Dubai.

His company based on to the Petrol. What i need to do is just get all information about my fathers company and learn it, undestand it after that i can take control and do new marketing plan and promote products. Firstly, i have to be very open minded, easy going and workaholic. That's my future business plan:

Here's the SWOT analysis my group came up with in my marketing class last semester (there are some stinkers, so pick which you think are appropriate):


Location (qty); multitude of stores, presence in every neighborhood

Human interaction; competition doesn't have face to face employees

Video Games; offer more than just movies

concessions; convenience purchase, on the way out of the store

new releases available sooner than competition

variety of selection; more selection than Redbox


Too many locations and employees, income doesn't justify keeping them open.

High Price of product (4x more than redbox)

blockbuster hasn't come into the digital age/old school

Late fees make us less desirable than competition.

membership hassles/loyalty programs need improving

needs to move into the app market

needs to move into the internet connected tv market


growing internet market

growing elderly demographic

growing younger population, more technological

Gamers lack social gathering places

economy makes conservative consumers




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