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Business Information Systems 219 Club It

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Essay Preview: Business Information Systems 219 Club It

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Club IT

University of Phoenix


Business Information Systems 219

August 15, 2009

Club IT Part 1

Walking in and deciding to establish a small business is the easy part. Establishing the business is the hard part. A general overview of Club IT has given insight to the club's current business model, snap shot of its current information technology and evaluation of Club IT's core competency direction.

Currently Club IT is experiencing initial business expansion after infusion of capital and extensive remodeling. The remodeling resulted in upgrades to the kitchen, bar, seating area, lighting systems and overall improvement creating an estically pleasing environment. Club IT currently is targeting varied demographic groups. Supporting this is the fact that Club IT is focusing on varied music styles, in the form of live bands, in the coming months; at the same time bringing in a live DJ to support the weekday business. Kitchen operations are limited, designed around an appetizer and short order menu. With bar and wait staff using four different pour stations. According to Club IT web site, the current mission of Club IT is "We, Ruben and Lisa, offer you live music, DJ's, dance space and refreshments that suit your lifestyle. You are our friends, and we seek to build a community that meets regularly at Club IT."

Businesses, especially one like Club IT, face the challenge of balancing centralized versus decentralized control of technology. The need to customize information technology (IT) management model that not only provides a consistent approach for solid decision making, but one that also supports technology progress and streamlines information flow. Club IT is operating an informational web site with very little guest input. The ability of guests to posts suggestions, comments and interact with managent is increasingly necessary in today's IT world. Club IT is also operating an intra net, which allows employees access, limited in some cases, to sales ordering, sales and budgeted areas. Although, Lisa and Ruben have maintained operational control over inventory and budgeting, the staff possesses the ability to place orders directly to vendors once approval has been received. However, a properly designed and implemented IT management system can move faster than traditional hierarchical command and control techniques. Instead, using policy memorandums that guide, rather than restrict, while employees wait for a decision from management will empower each employee with the authority to act without involvement from management for normal operations, confident that process and policies will provide the necessary guidance. Current IT structure allocates three different areas, sales, ordering and budgeting with



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