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Information Systems at Walmart

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Information Systems at Wal-Mart

Jose Santiago


December 01, 2010

Carlos Andrade

Information Systems at Wal-Mart

Information systems are an essential part in any business, whether it is for technology or for just business purposes. Now in today's society information systems are being used around all of us. When we go to the grocery store, when we go to the bank, when we watch television, or when we are on the internet, information systems exist all around us. We use computers and those computers are connected to those machines and or routers that are used by the stores, banks, television providers, and internet provider's information systems. Information systems are any type of electronic, graphical, or written method of information communication. To be able to share and process ideas and information is the basis of information systems. Things like telecommunication and the use of computers are essential of the components of information systems.

How Information Systems Support Business

How the use of information systems is able to support any business is important these days. Technology has continuously grown in many years and will continue to grow more in years to come. Wal-Mart has taken advantages of the use of information systems. They deal with information systems on a day to day business. From using computers to scan items on the shelf and dealing with orders through their logistics and online ordering as well. Every time that a customer checks out at Wal-Mart information technology is being used with either the cash register or by the use of debit and credit card swipe machines. Wal-Mart uses information technology for their point-of-sale systems. The point-of-sale system is system that has each item that is sold in its stores that are stored on their computer systems and with handheld scanners. The system also shows how much each product costs to purchase and stores that information, so that the customer's receipt is accurate when it is printed for the customer when they check out of the store. This system also shows how much of the item is in stock and then determines how much of the inventory needs to be ordered. Wal-Mart has their computer systems linked to each of their stores up to their main computer systems and those computer systems are linked to all of their suppliers' computer systems. This is a great way that Wal-Mart spends less money on trying to do flooring inventory and uses the money elsewhere it is needed (Prentice-Hall, Inc, 1999).

Business Processes at Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has done pretty good last year, even though we were struggling more with recession. They reduced their costs by the reduction of their inventory, which had saved Wal-Mart 6 percent of their costs. They also had made discounts that the customers could use, because of the recession. This brought more profits of those products that were needed by the customers to help with Wal-Mart's overall profits. By recognizing which products customers needed to be discounted, this helped bring new customers to Wal-Mart stores. Some things that other small businesses, other businesses, and government business could take from learning how Wal-Mart has been profitable are many things. Some of them are to visualize and really get to the understanding of all the businesses supply chains. Another thing that businesses need to get from Wal-Mart's practice is to go to their supply chain suppliers and negotiate discounts with them to benefit their customers. Another way is to put it



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