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Business Management Personal Statment

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From an early age, my family has introduced me to business. Business and management is the course where I feel I can take a definite step in becoming successful and one day managing my own business. My ambition is to progress in a suited career where I would be allowed to show my commitment, involvement and passion. Business and management is about taking risks and facing challenges therefore I feel this course will teach and help me to manage people.

I would like to be in a career where I know I will succeed, Business and Management is a course where I believe I will

We live in a society where Businesses are all managed. Management has great responsibilities as it is all about preparing, organising

I have had great interest in business for a long time. My inspirations have been my family who have

I have been inspired by my family and their business. It feels great to say it has been alive for 25years and it has been successfully managed

It would be achievement for me if I were to get in to the business and management course. Family members have inspired me over the last ten years and how they have been successful in business. I would like to take a leaf out of their book and be able to run or be able to manage a business in the future for myself . I require great skills from working at my dads takeaway such as interpersonal skills with this

I even have opportunities at the takeaway to manage staff and I really enjoy this. Managing a business is about



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