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Mgmt290 - Business Management and Leadership

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Essay Preview: Mgmt290 - Business Management and Leadership

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Angel Flores

MGMT290-1005B-05 Business Management and Leadership


I will be telling you what the roles, skills, and functions for a manager. In my eyes you will have to be well aware of the duties of a manager, so that I can pick the best candidate for the manager's position. I feel as if it is necessary to ask a certain amount of questions, to this candidate so that I can listen to their response and see how well their responses will be for them to get the position. I feel as if it is very important for the candidate for this position needs to be well educated in the management environment.

I will be describing the roles of a manager and what questions to ask during an interview when finding a candidate to be in a manager's position. I will also be describing the roles and why they are so important. I will also define the management roles and how they are going to be applied to the position. I will also be describing management skills and how they apply to the position

Management Functions

I am going to go through all of the management functions and describe how they will apply to the position. The first function is planning is to define a goal. This is extremely important when having a role as a manager, because when you define a goal, you know exactly what you need to get done for that day, week, month, or year. If you don't define your goal or goals then you will get mixed up in what needs done first and far most and what can wait until a later date.

Organizing is another very important function in management, because it allows you to see what task need to be done and when it needs to be done by. When you are organized it helps you to be prepared for any situation that might come up and you can recover fast to get the situation or issued fixed, so that there are no delays in the work to be done.

Leading is to be able to motivate the employees. By doing this you know that the tasks that are planned out are going to be done right and on time with no delays. Also, you will be able to keep the attention of the employees, so that no matter what the work is, they will always be able to get it done right and they will not give up on the job until it is finished.

The last is controlling which sets the goals and planning. This is important so that the employees and the managers know that they can work together to get a job done well. This also helps to make deadlines without delays and also where the work place needs to be and if there is anything that needs improvements, can be set to new heights.

Management Roles

The first role of management is Interpersonal which is the ones that involve people. This applies to figurehead, leader, and liaison. The



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