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Business Proposal

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SUBMITTED BY:  Nicolette  Anne   Morales

BSBA-Financial Management

SUBMITTED TO:  Ms. Kathy  Simangca

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                                            CIRECLEAR CARWASH

                                                  “Pleasure to clear the dirt.”


Taking a shower is something that most Filipinos love to do. A good number of us like to take a bath probably because of two things: we want to relieve the tension brought upon by the tropical weather; and we want to eliminate dirt from our bodies. We bet that most Pinoys can’t bear an oily skin. The concept behind practicing good body hygiene can also be applied in keeping your car clean. Regular car wash can do wonders for your car, which is why you should visit a car wash station or clean your car by yourself at least once a week.  Since some of us are busy to our personal responsibilities and don’t have a time to clean our car, the Cireclear car wash will keep your car fresh and clean.


Our Mission at Cireclear Car Wash is to provide a genuinely pleasant and satisfying car wash experience to experience to each of our costumers. Our goal is to develop a trust relationship with you, defined by honesty, integrity and fairness. Your time is precious, and we will not waste it. Your vehicle is valued and we will not abuse it. Your trust is essential, and we will work hard to earn it. Your satisfaction is our greatest desire, and we mean to prove it. If you are pleased with our services and want to return, we could have no greater reward.


  • Sustainable profitability and reliability: we take good care of our customer’s vehicle and environment.
  • We work with professional pride and passion.
  • Customer’s loyalty: we strive for long lasting partnership by creating added value for our costumer’s business.



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