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Research Proposal - What Are the Effects of Technology on Business Environment?

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Essay Preview: Research Proposal - What Are the Effects of Technology on Business Environment?

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QOB1) State your research question(s). Explain briefly

Research Question is ''what are the effects of technology on Business environment?'' The question has asked to find out the advantages or disadvantages of technology in business. Are the companies making profit or loss with adapting their business functions in to computers in the company?

Why the generating (or identification) of spesific research objectives is important?

The objectives of a research project summarize what is to be achieved by the study. These objectives should be closely related to the research problem. The research objectives are important because:

* İt supports researchers to focus the study and narrowing it down to essentials.

* Avoid the collection of data which are not strictly necessary for understanding and solving the problem you have identified;

* Organize the study in clearly defined parts or phases.

According to Maylor and Blackmon (2005) suggestion, there is a way to measure importance and of your Project and objectives with SMART test.

SMART Test asks to your objectives to find out is your objectives:

* Specific ?

* Measurable ?

* Achievable ?

* Realistic ?

* Timely ?

Firstly, we can clearly see that our topic is specific because it concantrates on only technology effects on business. İt searches to find out how companies get benefit from using technology equipments in their business. İt is measurable because we can calculate how much money spent to technology equipments for transfering manual daily tasks into automation and does it worth to transfer them to automation? İf we visit a company which made this technology investment, we can easly achieve information that we need so the topic is achievable. İt is a realistic topic because we can see computers and other technology equipments are used by companies in all business sectors. According to increasing popularity of techonolgy usage in business, it is the suitable time to find out its advantages and disadvantages of technology.

What are the differences between research questions and research objectives?

Research questions are the problems that someone likes to research. Research questions should be clearly defined and feasible. They support researchers to follow the right way and supports on understanding the problem clearly. Objectives are the goals that researcher wants to achiave, to find answers to research questions and it shows what you want to prove with this research. Therefore, objectives must be related with research questions.

Indicate what are your research objectives.

According to the research question, objectives are "to find out advantages/disadvantages of technology in business." Are the companies make profit or loss from transfering their business functions to computers? What managers are thinking about technology effects in their business? Do they recommend technology in business to others? Are employees happy with using technology equipments in their jobs? There are several topics which should be searched to achive objectives such as:

* Business Technology

* Automation in Business

* The role of computers on business

* Business Softwares

* Human vs. Computers

* E-business

QOB2) Explain briefly what is meant by the background or the context of a research proposal

Background is one of the attractive part of the project because background part shows importance of the topic and convince people to read the research. Researcher's ambition and excitement about topic has shown in the background part and also Researchers place their knowledge about the topic into this part. This is not the same as the critical literature review which will be presented in the final version of project. This is just providing an overview of the key literature sources from which we intend to draw.

Desribe background context of your research project.

The popularity of technology increases every time. As an IT specialist, topic of the research is very suitable for me and also for my future career. The most important thing is the readers should satisfy from the information in the project. The information should contain benefits of technology in business and how companies transfer their business to technology etc. These informations should be collected from companies in reals. Example companies will shown to prove readers that tecnology has advantages or disadvanteges to companies.

This section does not have a long explenation but it gives basic information to show what the all research is about identified. At the begining of this topic, we should start with the history of technology and we should find out the first company which has started using technology for their transactions.

QOP 4) Assume that you are having considerable problems with finding relevant material (literature) for your research when searching online databases. Suggest possible reasons why this might be so.

There are many possible reasons for this kind of problem. The crucial reason is that maybe the incorrect words are written in the search engine. For example, a person that wants to find information on the effects of inflation may only write inflation and not write that they are looking for the effects therefore they may think that this kind of information does not exist. On the otherhand, it could also be suggested that perhaps the information that they are looking for does not exist online, maybe previous information has not been uploaded beforehand or maybe their internet protection such as Mcfee or Norton does not let them access that kind of information.

QOP 6) Explain briefly the differences between qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques and analysis procedures.

Quantitative data collection is data in which we collect using closed questions; data is numerical and therefore the results we obtain are presented as statistics. Examples of these are descriptive statistics such as charts. On the other hand, qualitative



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