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Business in a Changing World

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The co-author team has a diversity of expertise in important areas. O.C, Ferrell and Linda Ferrell have been recognized as leaders in business ethics education. They have written a supplement for instructors on teaching business ethics and introduction to business. In addition, they maintain a Web site, www.e-businessethics.com that provides free resources such as PowerPoint and cases that can use in the classroom. Geoff Hirt has a strong background in global business, especially world financial markets and trade relationship.

The foundational areas of introduction to business, business management, accounting, marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship have been completely revised. To better understand the core functional areas of business may be presented to different audiences to get a holistic view of the world of business.

Once you begin to enjoy the environment in starting a business, you will also have a pleasure out of studying business. Studying business will help you develop skills and acquire knowledge to prepare for your future career. Regardless of whether you plan to work for a multinational Fortune 500 firm, start your own business, manage or volunteer at a nonprofit organization. The field of business offers a variety of interesting and challenging career opportunities throughout the world.

As we all know owners have to put up resources, money or credit, to start a business. The employees are responsible for the work that goes on within the business. Owners should manage the business themselves or hire employees to accomplish a task. The president of Procter & Gamble, Alow Latley does not own P.G, but is an employee who is responsible for managing all the other employees in a way that earns a profit for investors, who are the real owners. (O.C Ferrell, 2009) The most important role in a business is to satisfy the customers who buy its goods or services. Also people and forces beyond an organization's control, such as legal and regulatory forces, the economy, competition, technology, and ethical and social concerns all have an impact on the daily operations in a business.



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