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Globalization Case - Change in the World

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Essay Preview: Globalization Case - Change in the World

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Change is a constant fixture in the world, presenting itself in one form or another. It appears throughout history revolutionizing the way people, society and the world function. A mayor force for change in the modern world is a phenomenon which some would argue has existed since the beginning of mankind but has become unavoidable in recent times. This phenomenon is called globalization. Globalization is the process of increased integration, interaction and interdependence of people and countries around the world. As technology becomes increasingly developed, it has become a common occurrence in which to communicate with hundreds if not thousands of kilometres away. With this new ease of communication and travel between countries , the way business has been done has begun to change dramatically and many say will continue to do so. No place in the world has been left untouched by globalization. It's ramifications can be seen everywhere from the billboards of Tokyo to the skyline of New York and to the cars of London, then onward to the clothes of Nairobi and to the culture and foods of people all over the world. Is this new found way of life really the best way? Has mankind gotten off track in an attempt to make money? Questions such as these and many more will be addressed in this essay. Travelling back in time, to the beginning of globalization to explore its origins and how it has shaped our modern world, multiculturalism and it's place within the world will also be looked at as well as the economics of globalization, it's changing nature and whether or not it has been a force for good or bad in the world. The fusion of cultures and all of its interactions have shaped the world as we know it, and can be seen by looking at history.



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