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Case Study Viasat Consulting and Manufacturing

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Essay Preview: Case Study Viasat Consulting and Manufacturing

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Business model: Consulting and manufacturing (want to incline more towards manufacturing)

1986: Founded

Initially work as sub-contractors (they provide engineering and proposal support to companies for defense contracts).

1990-2000: Extended the product range

Launched its most popular product Manpack

1996: IPO

It starts giving stocks to employees to decrease the employee turnover rate (which becomes 1%).

They start getting shifting towards commercial contracts worth millions of USD. 85% of revenue was because of defense contracts.

2000-2002: Acquisition for growth

April 2000- Scientific-Atlanta, Inc. (Expand sales and establish the company as key supplier in various equipments)

July 2001: Linkway and LinkStar broadband satellite network terminal business

Astrolink International LLC canceled its two contracts with Viasat. This lead to decrease of Viasat stock price and they had to reduce the workforce by 50.The reason was that one of the investor(Lockheed Martin) of Astrolink project pulled its investment from the project.

ViaSat and Loral Skynet, a unit of Loral Space and Communications, established a joint venture called Immeon Networks LLC to develop and market a satellite bandwidth-on-demand service.

2002: US Monolithics acquisition

2005: Viasat Inc. acquires Efficient Channel Coding Inc. a producer of broadband communication integrated circuits and satellite communication systems. This acquisition gives ViaSat access to the IPStar satellite broadband market, as ECC holds the license for the satellite terminal design for IPStar.

2007: Viasat Inc. acquired JAST Antenna Systems. This acquisition will improve Viasat’s competitive position and help them to support European partners better.

2009: Viasat Inc. acquired WildBlue Communications Inc., the premier Ka-band satellite broadband service provider. This will led to accelerate growth and expansion of the WildBlue broadband service.

2013: Viasat acquired Lonocloud and they aim to integrate Lonocloud's PaaS products with their satellite broadband network.

2014: Viasat partnered with Thuraya Telecommunications to provide M2M services.

Viasat has acquired Gray Lab's few technologies and products like high rate modem.

Viasat entered a partnership with LightSquared to work on M2M services in vehicular and aviation devices.

2017: Viasat Inc. and Eutelsat Communications continue to execute on their strategy to deliver high-quality satellite-based Internet connectivity to the commercial airline market in Europe with a new service contract for SAS, Scandinavia's leading airline.



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