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Causes and Prevention of Burnout in Human Services

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Essay Preview: Causes and Prevention of Burnout in Human Services

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auses and Prevention of Burnout in Human Services

In today's society burnout is major problem in human service professional. Many organizations have to recognize this issue is a problem. Burnout is occur in

Burnout is when someone refers to a state of physical, emotional and mental exhaustion.

Individual, Cultural, Organizational, Supervisory and Social Support Factor

Human Service worker has to recognize when he or she is burnout on the job. Human services workers can have unrealistically goal or expectations which cause the work to became burnout. Culture plays a major role in human services worker becoming burnout. The population change in community will cause human services worker to become burnout. Many organizations has no motivation, too much work, lack of participation, unclear expectation, and no feedback this will lead to burnout on the job.

Various Individual, Job Role and Organization Methods to Prevent Burnout

Employee burnout can come from different issues within the organization. Most organizations have programs to help prevent employee's burnout. One way the organization can help is rewarding the employee on his or her work performance. The organization can allow the employee to have more control over his or her work by redesigning his or her job. The organization human resource department can implement program such as feedback program, anticipatory socialization program and participative program.

In today society many organization fail to inform employee when his or her work performance are good but the organization is quick to inform him or her when work performance are bad. Therefore the organization has to obtain ways to give and receive feedback from the employees. Allowing the employee to give feedback will let the organization know how their feeling and thinking. Anticipatory socialization program is design to decrease the magnitude of reality shock and its consequence. This program is normally offer when employees are first hired. The anticipatory socialization is design to help employee to cope with the reality shock which an individual may experience on his or her first job. The will teach them the different between the personal and professional standard. Once the employee completes this program, he or she will survive within the existing system. Increase participation in organization is an important factor in human services field. In many organization employee are feeling control rules, policy, and procedures. Many time the rules and procedure has been with the organization since they began and no longer appropriate. The organization has to allow the employee to help with decision making. Most low level employee feels helping create new rules and procedure is just another organization event. Allowing employee to participant



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