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Human Service

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I think it isimportant to understand the value, because an organization offering services to the child who has been abused or neglected will have more than one worker in a case and also other agencies may be involved. Some child advocate might not agree with the plan that was developed for that child. It is important that all parties involved with the case are able to communicate and work together for the best interest of the child. They will need to keep communication constantly and respect each personal view to be able to come to an agreement that will help the child. just imagine a child stuck in the middle of two or three people,and is being pull here and there, will be the one that will suffer the consequences as a result, reunification might be delayed or finding a new family for this child, will cause more pain and suffering for the victim we are trying to save to begin with. How will your practice in team work here impact your work in the Human Services field? Will, workers who are able to get along and work as a team,and in during that they will serve clients better and faster. Being able to work with others will be very valuable for me i work in a nursing home where team work is very important, because giving the fact that a ratio of resident given to a nurse is not known to be permentnent, team work is just the force that we need to get the jobe done. I will be able to do more if I am able to share ideas and have good communition if working as a team.



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