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Cavemen Who Walk Among Us

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Essay Preview: Cavemen Who Walk Among Us

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"Cavemen Who Walk Among Us"

Englehart, K. Cavemen Who Walk Among Us. Slate. Maclean's Magazine.

In "Cavemen Who Walk Among Us", Katie Englehart makes a point that humans, majority being men that base their health and parenting to our prehistoric ancestors in the Paleothilic era. Throughout millions of years humans have evolved, humans tend to be the most healthiest when eating as they did before agriculture came along like cavemen. Majority of published books related to diets and keeping a healthy body relate to activities of hunter-gathers, with short, intense sprints to eating raw meals. Real Zealots state "it's not a diet, it's a lifestyle". Then there are those who are raising the next generation , who think "our ancestral existence can lend itself to better parenting" . For example sharing a family bed in relation to the theory with co-sleeping says: "A cavebaby sleeping alone was a dead cavebaby". One of the best proving facts of this topic that makes it so healthy is within an island called Kitava, Papua New Guinea , where the villagers still till this day live without any western diseases( heart attack , stroke, acne, obesity etc.) But obviously not everyone is taken with caveman ways.



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