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Life Is Not Meant to Be a Walk in the Park

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Essay Preview: Life Is Not Meant to Be a Walk in the Park

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Life is not meant to be a walk in the park, there are obstacles in each step we take towards the goal that we have set in our mind. Problems, stress, arguments with people, confusion etc. Hunt us all. As the saying goes there is no tree that is not moved or touched by the wind. No matter how happy a person might look, deep down there are fears that are roaring to be revealed to the outside world. At times it could overwhelm us abruptly before we could even realize, thus threatens us on how we perceive life.

However, there is no denying that to every root cause of a problem, there lies a solution. It is our ticket out of this miserable situation. Unfortunately we succumb to the fear of the problem before even truly understanding it and the consequences it would have on our life. We give in, hoping for the best. But in reality no one (except God) can bail us out but our own selves. It is easier said than done, when engulfed by adversities mere words aren't enough unless followed by action. And to take an action, strong determination is required accompanied by self trust. The reason we need to be armed by these weapons as one might call it, because often when we fight back there are chances we fail in the process and just surrender. But once you are determined to eliminate the problem, unless you haven't done the job, giving in would clearly be out of consideration.

The most critical thing in tackling a problem, is to find the root cause. Once you have a clear sight on it, the recovery process can begin. An example would be, if one has financial problems apparently its very clear that either get a job or search for a better job if you are already working. The crucial factor is to deal with it, with whatever you got, improvise and be open to all possibilities. Even if one fails there is no reason to be demoralised, because at least you gave it a shot and it is the appropriate time to move on to plan B.

Learn from the experience, take it as a blessing in disguise. There is always a positive side effect to every negativity. Hope is another weapon one can rely on, always be hopeful, the world runs on hope.

Control of mind can avoid unnecessary stress. Always remember negative thoughts never turn into reality. It's a deception that keeps you down and deprives you of enjoying your life. Always live as if you are going to die tomorrow, life is too short to worry and live a miserable life. Embrace the world around you, the world can only react to you the way you perceive it. Not to mention we live only once, the life itself is great gift from God, rather than living in fear why not appreciate it and enjoy what it has to offer. It is not how one survives the storm but how well he/she dances in the rain.



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