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Change Plan for Success

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Plan for Success

Vicky Doss RN, BSN

HCS 504: Introduction to Graduate Study in Health Sciences/Nursing

August 8, 2011

Joanne Tritsch

Plan for Success

Goals are something that most people set to reach an important focus in their live. Goals can be both personal and professional. Goals are either short-term, long-term, or a combination of both. Many times the short-term goals will help me progress to my ultimate long-term goal. During my quest for goal attainment there will be many challenges to face and overcome to reach that strove for reward of goal completion. Many strategies are available to help me over those bumpy challenges and on the smooth trail to goal attainment. Communication is essential in taking the steps to bring me closer to my goal. Making sure that I have the proper communication skills in place will make the journey to my goals much smoother.

My reasons for pursuing graduate studies are plentiful, but significant. Advancement in my current career and personal satisfaction of knowing that I will as greater variation in job choices are just a couple of the reasons. Better serving the patients and the organizations that I work with also served as an important reason. The financial aspect also aided in my decision.


The goals for both my professional and personal lives encompass a wide array of areas; they are both short-term and long-term. One of my short-term personal goals is to complete this semester with an "A" average. I will obtain this goal by continuing to participate as required by my instructors, turn my assignments in on time, use available resources, and if needed increase study time. According to Latham (2004), I must remain "committed to the goal" (p. 127) even if the goal seems initially out of reach, I must keep trudging along to obtain success. This goal is very important to me because I want to complete the required classes and set a standard for myself for future classes.

One of my long-term goals is to graduate with my Master's within the next three years. To meet this goal, I must remain focused on the goal at hand and not lose sight of way I am taking this journey. By working hard, studying and producing quality work this will help me to achieve my degree in my desired time frame.


Many challenges will come along while trying to achieving both my short and long-term goals. Goldsmith and Goldsmith (2006) state that when developing a goal I need to assume that there will be hindrances and that I need to make sure to plan for those types of irregularities in my well thought out plan. Since these are only a couple of the goals that I want to accomplish, I know that there will be other goals that may influence or change my approach to achieving these goals (Goldsmith & Goldsmith, 2006). Latham (2004) refers to this as "goal conflict" (p. 129). Another challenge will be that of personal commitments to family. It is important to me that I can maintain a healthy relationship with my family while in the chase for my degree.

To deal with the hindrances, I have to make sure that



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