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Organizational Change Plan

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Organizational Change Plan

HCS 587

April 16, 2017

Organizational Change Plan- Part 2

It is extremely important for any organization interested in implementing an organizational change to come up with viable and well thought out strategies for the process to be successful. Strategizing has many benefits which include, a leaner plan, timely execution of the plan, reduced cost of implementation, and an outcome acceptable o all parties involved in the process. Through the execution phase of an organizational plan, it is important for the organization to identify various methods that will be used to monitor the implementation of the proposed change. Apart from the methods, the organization must also analyze the relationship between the institution’s related processes, systems, and personnel. Lastly, the organization must identify appropriate communication techniques to use during the implementation process of the proposed organizational change. The objective of this assignment, is, therefore, to develop part 2 of a comprehensive organizational change, which focuses on strategies for implementing the proposed change.

There are three main strategies for implementing the proposed organizational change. The strategies include offering timely appointments and services within the organization, equipping the facility with the necessary equipment and infrastructure, and improving the working conditions of the personnel. The three broad strategies cover the entire proposed organizational change and offers strategic, and phase to phase implementation processes. Under timely appointments and services, the plan focuses on three main issues. First, to ensure that resident, outpatient, and emergency patients get timely services, the plan proposes that the personnel should acquire accommodation and housing within or near the facility. This will ensure that nurses, doctors, and other personnel can report to work at the required time. Proximity to the facility, therefore, reduces cases of lateness (Cordon, 2013, p. 16). Second, there is need to employ more personnel to reduce the doctor and nurse to patient ratio to the required level. By increasing personnel, patients can access services faster and on stipulated time. It is important for the facility to be able to manage a workforce that works under no stress to meet deadlines and set onjectives because stress within the workforce is likely to affect timely services within the institution. Lastly, to improve timely services, the facility must set up vibrant communication systems for easy communication within the institution.

The second strategy involves equipping the facility with the necessary equipment and infrastructure. Equipping the institution with state of the art equipment nd infrastructure enables the facility to combat new ailments and disorders much more efficiently and with minimal damages. According to recent research, cancer poses the greatest threat today, and therefore, to be able to diagnose and treat the disease, the institution must equip its laboratories with state of the art equipment. Apart from equipment, the facility must expand its infrastructure, regarding inpatient wards and resting areas, to accommodate a large number of patients in case of an emergency or health epidemic. Other facilities will include quarantine areas within the facility for contagious breakouts like ebola and anthrax.

The last strategy involves improving the working condition of the personnel within the organization. According to recent studies, one of the greatest catalysts to the success of a health care facility is the satisfaction of the workforce. The institution must ensure that its personnel conduct their duties with less strain and stress to maximize output. To achieve this, the institution must offer the workforce with enough rest, through offering extended leaves where necessary (Kabene, Orchard, Howard, Soriano, & Leduc, 2006, p. 20). The workforce must also be awarded their deserved remuneration and allowances since this is also a motivating factor for the personnel. Lastly, the institution must have enough equipment and infrastructure to enable the workforce work efficiently and meet the institution’s goals.

To be able to achieve these strategies, there must be methods to monitor the implementation process. Some of the methods to monitor the implementation process include evaluation, feedback, and consultations. Evaluation is one of the most important methods for monitoring any implementation process. Evaluation can help the organization analyze the progress made towards a given implementation strategy. For example, in employing more personnel, the institution must evaluate prospective candidates to ensure that they meet the necessary qualifications for the intended job description. Personnel must also be able to use new equipment to the required standard, a process which will require evaluation to determine the skill set of every employee (Vermeeren, Steijn, Tummers, Lankhaar, Poerstamper, & Van Beek, 2014, p. 35). Apart from this, the institution should constantly involve personnel in drills, tests, and experiments



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