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Che - Biography on Ernesto Che Guevara

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Essay Preview: Che - Biography on Ernesto Che Guevara

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"CHE" is a biography, on Ernesto Che Guevara. The Author in this book was trying to prove that "Che" was a great revolutionist, who tried to fight for people under imperialism government. The author always talked greatly about "Che", this is because "Che" and the author were really close to each other. The book ,was a lot of Speeches that the author said during the time of the war in many countries of Latin America , in one of his speeches this if what he said, "Che was one of those people who was liked immediately, for his sympathy, his character, his naturalness, his comradely attitude, his personality, his originality, even if one had not yet learned his other characteristics and unique virtues."

The Author , Fidel Castro, was trying to prove to the reader that "Che" was a good man, that "Che" fought for his people, that "Che" was willing to do anything you asked him to, That "Che" still lives. Another thing he tries to prove is that Che did not join his army as a solider he joined it as a Doctor, the author repeats this a couple times in the book , I am not sure why he mentions this so many times, but I think it is so people don't get a bad imagery of Che. Fidel Castro and Che did many things together, so if Che in his life time did anything that we would not approve of Fidel Castro would not write it down in this book. One Way the author tried to prove his thesis was by his speeches. Fidel Castro in one of his speeches states this " How wonderful it would be if we were to succeed in making this model a reality in the generations to come so that in the future we would have generations like Che! From generations like Che Communism will arise!" (pg153)

When people think of communism they usually think, "NO!" But Fidel Castro did really good in proving his point. The way Fidel talks about the things that Che did makes communism not seem so bad. The author is very persuasive. The book over all though was very confusing, it was very slow at points but then it would get interesting. I would recommend this book to student, If they like communism , and if they no a lot on the subject, otherwise it is very confusing to under stand.

Maria Orellana



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