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A Brief Biography

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A Brief Student Biography

Peter Walk


Peter Walk

James Acton

Spring 2011-Eng106-73 Composition I

When I started my career with Wawa, almost three years ago, I never could have imagined that I would be attempting to tackle such a daunting task for myself, such as writing a personal biography.

Since my acceptance into the Immaculata ACCEl program, I have had quite a range of emotions filling my thoughts. I began to reflect on my past academic successes and failures. Academia had never been easy for me in the past. I had a hard time with studying and homework in elementary school and high school. I have come to realize that the reason that I had the difficulties I experienced was because of a lack of interest and motivation. Sixteen years have passed since I last sat in a desk and tried to learn. I believe that this time has helped me mature and realize what I want out of life. The biggest difference between the "me" back then and the "me" now is interest and a yearning to better myself. I am completely focused on obtaining my degree.

When I was offered the opportunity to apply for acceptance into the Immaculata University program, I needed to think long and hard about my decision. As with any major life decision, I first discussed the possibility of going back to school with my wife and she fully supported my decision. There are several reasons I have for wanting to return to school to earn my degree. First, obtaining my Associates degree would help

with my confidence, not only in work but in my personal life as well. Earning my degree would make me more marketable in the workplace, and give me the skills to stand out among my peers.

I have also made other changes in my life with my new life style. Recently, I made a life changing decision to become a healthier more active person. On January 2, 2011, I woke up and got ready for work and started my day. However, this day was a little different, because after finishing my work day I made a trip to the local Planet Fitness near my house. After meeting with one of the managers I found myself signing a contract for a gym membership! Since joining the gym, I have become somewhat of a regular. I am consistently working out 4-5 times per week with each sessions lasting at least one hour. I have also made significant changes in my eating habits. I have implemented portion control with all of meals, counting all



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