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Checkpoint Prescription Drug Labels

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Essay Preview: Checkpoint Prescription Drug Labels

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Hanukah Yon Kipper are two of the best holidays that are celebreated amongst the jewish religions. What does the word Judaism mean? Judaism has different meanings but the two main ones are the civilization of the Jews, the culture of those who claim to be Jews or that others call Jewish and it can also mean the religion of the Jews.

There are many "Holy Days" that are celebrated amongst the Jewish religion. Hanukkah: which celebrates the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian army of Antiochus Epiphanies (165 N.C.E.). Hanukah is the Jewish festival of lights. Hanukah is celebrated for eight days lighting a candle on the menorah for each passing night. Some families give their children one gift for each night of the festival. Also Pesach or as most know it as Passover is the one most commonly observed even by otherwise non-observant Jews. Pesach begins on the 15th day of the Jewish month of Nissan. It represents the beginning of the harvest season in Israel, but little attention is paid to this aspect of the holiday (Rich, 1995).

The favorite game is Spin the Dreidle. Children spin the dreidle and win tokens (usually chocolate coins, nuts, or raisins.)


Rich, T.R. (1995, February). Judaism 101. Retrieved from http://www.jewfaq.org/holidaya.htm

. Each label includes medicine power, expiration date, amount given out, name of medication and dosage directions,

2. Prescription label includes information for instance refills remaining, checked by initials, filled by initials, date filled, patients name, RX number, and prescribers name as well as address while the manufacturers label includes storage, warnings, generic name, bar code, and the NDC while the prescription label doesn't.

3. The difference between the information included in the two tags is based on the source of medicine.

Test Your Knowledge page 66

5. 2 tablets

6. 5

7. 30 - 60mg tablets

8. 1 tablet

9. 100 mg

10. Every four hours as needed for pain

Test Your Knowledge page 69

38. Cefpodoxime protextil

40. Pharmacia & Upjohn

46. Nebcin ®

48. 40 mg/mL

Test Your Knowledge page 70

70. 60 mg intramuscular immediately every 6 hours



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